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Welcome to MaxWell Downhole Technology Ltd.

Maxwell Downhole Technology Ltd. is a company that designs and manufactures Measurement While Drilling (MWD) instrumentation.

The company combines in-house expertise in Mechanical and Electronics Engineering with Software design allowing for a complete systems approach to equipment design.

The current product range is a 'family' where components from one system may be re-used to convert to another type of tool. For example, to convert from Mud Pulse telemetry to electromagnetic (EM) transmission the user need only to unscrew the top tool section and attach the alternative transmitter section. Equally, the customer can start with the simplest type of tool for vertical drilling and then upgrade to sophisticated Logging Whilst Drilling (LWD) tool combinations by adding extra sensor sections.

The equipment has been designed to be simple to use and also offer low-cost maintenance. The small size and comparative simplicity of the equipment make it particularly suitable for small operations and for operations in remote locations. 

KIOGE 2008
Following the success of the Kioge 2008 exhibition, MaxWell Downhole Technology Ltd have now made versions of product data sheets available in Russian. Please see our equipment section.

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